I am a PhD student at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I work with Prof. Satish Narayanasamy. My under-graduate alma mater is College of Engineering, Pune, India.

My primary research interests are parallel computer architecture and parallel computing. The focus of my research is on designing efficient parallel architectures which are intuitive to programmers and to come up with abstractions that make parallel computing accessible to majority of programmers at a low complexity cost.

Recent Work

Exposing optimistic concurrency to Cilk Scheduler

This project was part of my Internship with High Performance Computing group ...

ReactiveSC: Speculatively relaxing memory consistency model contraints using dynamic classification of cache blocks

Using dynamic classification of cache blocks, we relaxed memory consistency m...

Recent News

Our paper on efficient fences accepted to ICS 2015!

I am attending 2013 CRA-W Graduate Cohort Workshop to be held in Boston, MA, ...


Shaizeen Aga

PhD student
Advanced Computer Architecture Lab
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
shaizeen [AT] umich [DOT] edu
4844 BBB, 2260 Hayward,
University of Michigan,Ann Arbor,
MI,USA 48109-2121.
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